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'WURUN' MANNA GUM / RIBBON GUM (Eucalyptus viminalis) Seeds

'WURUN' MANNA GUM / RIBBON GUM (Eucalyptus viminalis) Seeds

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Eucalyptus viminalis or Manna Gum is a fast growing tall eucalypt whose bark peels in autumn leaving a white clean trunk, widespread in well-watered parts of south-eastern Australia.

It exudes a sugary secretion from the bark and is for that reason sometimes known as the manna gum.

Noted for attracting wildlife and is one of the favoured foods of koalas.

Flowering has been recorded in January, February, March, April, May and December.

Will grow inmost soil types from heavy clay to sandy loam, can be planted as an ornamental and shade tree, and in shelter belts and windbreaks. 

Bush Food: Honey tree / bee forage

Bush medicine: A decoction of the leafy twigs is used in baths against rheumatism in the legs. A sweet tasting manna exuded from the plant has a mild laxative effect. The essential oil found in the leaves shows an antiviral effect and can be used in the treatment of influenza. 

Other uses: Branchlets have been used for weaving.

The wood is used for poles, tool handles, shingles, indoor construction, flooring, boards, panelling, interior trim and joinery.

The red gum or manna exuding from cracks in the bark has been used for making adhesives.

Germination: Seed - surface sow February/March in a sunny position. Species that come from high altitudes appreciate 6 - 8 weeks cold stratification at 2C. Pot up the seedlings into individual pots as soon as the second set of seed leaves has developed, if left longer than this they might not move well.