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'MOONAH' BLACK PAPERBARK (Melaleuca lanceolata) Seeds

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Melaleuca lanceolata commonly known as black paperbark, moonah, Rottnest Island teatree and western black tea tree.

A highly ornamental but hardy small tree. Tolerates coastal exposure and calcareous soils.

It can be planted as a shade tree, wind-break or screen. Suitable for wider street verges and nature strips. Attracts nectar eating birds and insects.

  • Soil TextureClay, Loam, Sand 
  • pHAcidic, Alkaline, Neutral
  • ToleratesDrought, Fire, Lime, Moderate frost, Salt spray, Wind

Cultural use: Indigenous peoples used nearly every part of this genus in their day-to-day lives. Fibre and bark for clothing and swaddling babies, drinks made from the nectar, wood and stems for implements and to construct shelters.

Germination: Germinates within 1-4 weeks. Light may enhance germination. Smoke treatment recommended to improve germination rate

Note: This species is classified schedule 2, Regulation 24.3 under the
Sewerage Act and may be planted in any street or road in any drainage area provided they are not planted closer than 3.5 metres to any sewer main or connection. They should also not be planted closer than 3.5 metres to any sewer pipe in home gardens.