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WILD ROSELLA (Hibiscus sabdariffa) SEEDS 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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An attractive annual busy shrub with flowers and fruit used to give colour and flavour.

Preferred climate - arid (dry), cool temperate, subtropical, tropical, warm temperate.

Height 1-2m.

Fruiting/harvest -February, March, April, May

Used in teas, desserts, soups, chutneys, eaten fresh, a good source of vitamin c and is used in many herbal remedies.

Fabulous accompaniment for lamb, pork and game.

To prepare flowers harvest when entire calyx is red, remove petals, seeds and stems. They are quite tart in flavour with a raspberry/rhubarb/plum quality.

Sow in early spring in tropical areas, Rosellas need a least 5 months frost free to bear. Need a very warm soil to germinate, preferably over 25c. Cover seeds with 12mm of fine soil. plant several seeds 50cm apart and thin seedlings to the strongest.


30 seeds per packet