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NATIVE THYME (Ozothamnus obcordatus) SEEDS 'Bust Tucker Plant'

NATIVE THYME (Ozothamnus obcordatus) SEEDS 'Bust Tucker Plant'

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Also known as Grey Everlasting, Ozothamnus obcordatus is native to the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Widespread in dryish open-forest and woodland, often on shallow rocky soils, particularly abundant in auriferous areas.

A small shrub to 1.5m tall with dark grey/green foliage. Grows in dry open forest. Flowers Spring and Summer.

  • has small oval leaves that are glossy-green above and grey beneath
  • it has clusters of small yellow button flowers
  • the flowers turn grey as they mature (and hence"grey everlasting")

The species is regarded as having potential in commercial cut flower production.

This species has 2 somewhat distinct variants previously recognized as subspecies but here combined in a single variable species. The smaller-leaved variant (corresponding to subsp. obcordatus) is largely confined in Victoria to mallee areas north and west of Melbourne, whereas larger-leaved plants (var. major) are mostly in the east of the State, with outlying populations in and near the Grampians.

Bust Tucker Uses: When the leaves are dried, their taste resembled that of thyme.

Germination: Usually occurs within 2-4 weeks, best sown late Spring-Summer. Surface sow, cover lightly with gravel. Smoke treatment may improve results.