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'KARNTI' NATIVE BUSH POTATO (Ipomoea costata) SEEDS ' Bush Tucker Plant'

'KARNTI' NATIVE BUSH POTATO (Ipomoea costata) SEEDS ' Bush Tucker Plant'

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Ipomoea costata, commonly known as rock morning glory, bush potato and desert yam.

Bush potatoes are cooked in the hot earth beside the fire, and potato is still eaten in the desert today, closely related to the sweet potato it produces large, tasty white tubers.

Tubers can be as large as an adult head and can occur 0.5-1m below ground level.

It is a fast-growing creeper to 2m with large purplish-pink trumpet flowers, leaves are heart-shaped and glossy green.

Likes adequate water over the growing season and a full-sun to part-shade position in well drained soil.

Quite tolerant of dry and hot conditions. Grows in sandy and clayey soils of inland Australia. Treat as similar to cacti in winter and limit or abstain from watering as you will encounter rot problems.

Ipomoea costata seeds should be hot water treated before sowing. Place seeds in a cup and pour just boiled water over them and leave to soak for 12-24hrs.