MOUNTAIN PEPPER (Tasmannia lanceolata) DRIED GROUND LEAF 'Bush Tucker Food'

MOUNTAIN PEPPER (Tasmannia lanceolata) DRIED GROUND LEAF 'Bush Tucker Food'

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Mountain Pepper ticks all of the boxes for a plant that provides great flavours, great health benefits and has peppery leaves and pepper berries – a great combination.

Pepper leaf (the leaves which been dried and milled) is used as an alternative to 'normal' pepper, as a condiment or it can be blended with other spices to make various spice mixes and speciality blends.

 Uses for Pepper Leaf is very extensive in casseroles, coatings for meat fish & vegetables and dressings.

pepper leaf is milder than the berries and gives a pleasant, Australian outback taste to food when used as a substitute for normal pepper. Sprinkle onto chicken and fish.

Mountain pepper leaf is such a versatile and uniquely flavourful herb that we use it almost daily in the kitchen. It can be used in everything from casseroles and stirfries to baking (adds a wonderful dimension to cookies!)