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WHITE FEATHER HONEY-MYRTLE (Melaleuca Decora) Seeds 'Bush Tucker Plant'

WHITE FEATHER HONEY-MYRTLE (Melaleuca Decora) Seeds 'Bush Tucker Plant'

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Melaleuca decora, known as the white feather honeymyrtle, is a plant native to eastern australia.

A bush or tree with paperbark, usually seen around 4 to 7 metres tall. Exceptional specimens, however, may exceed 20 metres tall.

The habitat is swampy areas on heavy soils, mostly near the coast.

Hardy native tree with fine narrow foliage and creamy pale yellow flowers in spring/summer.

• attractive and profuse flowers in spring/summer • directional pruning and shaping required for formal appearance • coastal tolerant • suitable tree for small native backyards • bird attracting

Bush tucker:
Indigenous peoples used nearly every part of this genus in their day-to-day lives. Fibre and bark for clothing and swaddling babies, drinks made from the nectar, tea from the leaves, wood and stems for implements and to construct shelters.

Preferred conditions - open to sunny position. Tolerates poor soils.

Germination of the seed of melaleuca species is usually quite easy by normal seed raising methods. No special pre-treatment is needed. Germination should occur in 14 to 30 days.

A common method used for germination of melaleuca and related plants is the "Bog method" where the pot containing the seeds is placed into a saucer of water until germination occurs. This results in moisture reaching the seeds by capillary action and ensures that the seeds do not dry out.